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Regular bookkeeping * VAT returns * annual accounts * PAYE

Much more than just bookkeeping
You may be a sole trader or small business who just wants their
year end accounts made up.  But did you know that this is something practising Certified Bookkeepers can do?  And it doesn't end there.  As a licensed practioner -
  • I can act as your VAT agent with HMRC, prepare and file VAT returns online and deal with all your VAT questions.
  • I can save you precious time by taking care of all those receipts and invoices.
  • I can manage your payroll for you, look after all PAYE and NI deductions, statutory sickness, maternity and paternity payments and statutory filings
  • I can prepare your annual accounts
  • I can file annual returns to companies house
  • I can file your self assessment tax returns

Flexible solutions for your business needs
I can design a bespoke accounting system if you are starting from scratch, tweak existing systems, or leave things as they are - whatever makes most sense to your needs.  
I can take all your day to day paperwork off your hands, freeing your time or I can just look after your end of year accounts and returns.
If you are VAT registered, I can look after your input and output tax figures, file your returns, help you with VAT regulations and liase with the VAT office on your behalf.
If you run a limited company, I can file annual returns with companies house and prepare draft accounts.
If you employ staff, I can take the headache out of running a payroll, making sure the  deductions for PAYE and NI are done correctly, produce all your employees payslips, make the statutory filings and produce year end P60's.
I can remove the hassle of year end tax returns by filing your self assessment online.

BUDGET 2014 highlights
  • Personal tax allowance UP to ¬£10,500 from April 2015
  • ISA allowance increased to ¬£15,000 from 1 July 2014 
  • 10p starting savings income tax rate abolished
  • A small rise in the 40p tax threshold although less than the rise in personal allowance
  • Fuel duty rise planned for September will not take place


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